EU continues to support UN efforts in Libya

“An airstrike yesterday hit a biscuit factory in Tripoli’s Wadi Rabea neighbourhood causing again civilian casualties. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to those injured” reads the statement of the European External Actions Service spokesperson.

“The International Law, including the International Humanitarian Law, must be fully respected and those who violate it held accountable. It is urgent to take up all measures needed to properly protect civilians.

“This, like previous similar attacks targeting civilian areas in and around Tripoli, shows the urgency of the political solution and remind us that there is no military solution to the Libyan crisis. All parties must immediately stop the violence and return to a political process under the UN mediation.

“To this end, the European Union will continue to support the work of the UN Special Representative to relaunch the political process. The Berlin initiative is an opportunity to end the conflict addressing the issues driving the conflict and charting a way forward towards peace, reconciliation and stability.”

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