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French soldiers killed in Mali

“This morning two French soldiers lost their lives, and a third was wounded in Mali. The European Union extends its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to France. We reiterate our support for the French forces of Operation Barkhane for their efforts in favor of the security of Mali and the Sahel region”

“The European Union will continue to work alongside the Sahel countries and the international community to support the peace, stability and development of Mali and the entire Sahel region, particularly in the framework of the G5 Sahel initiative” – says the statement of the European External Action Service.

ORIGINAL: Ce matin deux soldats français ont perdu la vie, et un troisième a été blessé au Mali.

L’Union Européenne présente ses sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes et à la France. Nous réitérons notre soutien aux forces françaises de l’Opération Barkhane pour leurs efforts en faveur de la sécurité du Mali et de la région du Sahel. L’Union Européenne continuera à travailler aux côtés des pays du Sahel et de la communauté internationale pour soutenir la paix, la stabilité et le développement du Mali et de toute la région du Sahel, notamment dans le cadre de l’initiative G5 Sahel.

African states purchase Russian military equipment

Numerous African states seek to pursue military and technical cooperation with Russia and purchase new generation of weapon systems, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Africa Department Andrei Kemarsky told TASS news agency.

“The armed forces of many African countries were established in the Soviet period with the active support of our country. The armament and military hardware they operate are of Soviet or Russian origin. In this regard, they objectively retain interested in maintaining this hardware in an operational state, renewing it and acquiring some new weapon systems,” the Russian diplomat said.

“Besides the African countries view the development of cooperation in the military and technical sphere as an instrument of ensuring their sovereignty, independence and countering the pressure of Western countries and providing security, including amid the struggle against terrorism challenges,” Kemarsky continued.

“The threat of terrorism in some African regions has been at intensified, also as a result of the Western countries’ military intervention in Libya, from which radical ideas, extremism and terrorism are spreading today, first of all, to the Sahara-Sahel region,” Russian diplomat added.


EU calls Cameroon for “sincere” dialogue

“Further violence in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon has killed at least three members of the security forces and several civilians. Such acts can not be accepted and can not go unpunished, as well as any excess of violence against civilians. The perpetrators must sue in court, in accordance with the law” – says the statement of the European Actions Service:


“The use of violence can not achieve political goals. It remains essential for the security forces to make a proportionate use of force in the exercise of their functions.The European Union calls for avoiding any act that can stir up tensions or incite violence between Cameroonians. It remains convinced that only a sincere and constructive dialogue, following democratic and constitutional means, can lead to a lasting exit from the crisis while preserving unity and peace for all Cameroonians.”

EU condemns hostilities in South Sudan

The EU joins IGAD Council of Ministers in condemning the repeated violations of the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostiles in South Sudan (ACOH).  These violations, perpetrated by the major stakeholders, include the killings of civilians, sexual violence and recruitment of child soldiers.

“Those who seek to spoil the search for peace in South Sudan should know that there will be consequences, including the imposition of restrictive measures.  Fighting must stop. The EU expects on all parties to abide by the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostiles and engage meaningfully in the second phase of the High Level Revitalization Forum” – the statement of European External Action Service says.

The EU confirms it will continue supporting monitoring monitoring mechanism. “Timely reporting will allow that appropriate action can be taken against those who violate the agreement” – the EEAS ensures.  The EU also reaffirms its commitment to support the search for peace in South Sudan.


EU expects Libyans to search for compromise

A double attack struck Benghazi deliberately targeting the civilian population and healthcare personnel. The European Union extends its sympathy to the families of the victims and wishes those injured a speedy recovery.


Such attacks have not only caused many losses but further threaten, in an already fragile environment, the ongoing work to restore security, stability and rule of law in Libya.

All Libyans deserve to live in peace and security. The European Union reiterates its engagement and support to the inclusive mediation process led by UN Special Representative Ghassan Salamé. As was underlined by the EU Foreign Ministers on 22 January, the European Union continues to work with the UN Special Representative to bring a lasting solution to the crisis, guided by the roadmap he presented, including in the framework of the Libya Quartet together with the African Union and the League of Arab States. The European Union expects all legitimate Libyan actors to rally together towards this goal, showing willingness to compromise and by putting the interests of the Libyan people first.

EU echoes “disappointment” over South Sudan violence

“The European Union echoes the concern and disappointment expressed  by the Chairperson of IGAD Council of Ministers over the violations of the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access signed on 21 December by the Parties to the conflict in South Sudan” – says the European External Action Service spokesperson statement on the situation in South Sudan.

“All parties should respect their commitment to the cessation of hostilities. All forms of fighting have to come to an immediate end. The European Union calls on the monitoring mechanism for an immediate an throughout investigation with the support of UN mission to identify those responsible for the violations.”

“The European Union will continue to support IGAD and African Union efforts to bring peace to South Sudan. It reaffirms it readiness to use any necessary tools, including restrictive measures, towards those who act against peace and obstruct constructive dialogue and compromise, in line with recent African Union and IGAD resolutions Peace and any other provisions of International Law” – the statement concludes.

Benghazi reconstruction conference in March

Authorities in eastern Libya have announced a conference in March to enforce support to rebuild the country’s second-largest city Benghazi heavily damaged during three years of fighting between Marshal Khalifa Haftar troops and Islamists.

The announcement signals a desire to demonstrate a return to normality in the port, where top military commander Khalifa Haftar declared the end of a campaign to oust Islamist fighters in July.

Clashes have sporadically continued in some isolated areas, while life has returned in the rest of the city, though some districts were almost completely destroyed by shelling and air strikes.

A forum titled “International Conference and Exhibition for rebuilding Benghazi city” will be held from March 19-21, the organizers said in an invitation posted online, adding that a six-day exhibition would be held the same month.

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