• São Tomé and Principe elections

    Brussels 07.08.2021 “The European Union welcomes the successful conduct of the second round of the presidential elections held in São Tomé and Principe and wishes to congratulate the President-elect, Mr.

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  • Borrell visits Libya

    Brussels 08.09.2021 EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell arrived to Libya today, 8 September. This mission comes at an important juncture for the country, with presidential and parliamentary

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  • Guinea: Colonel Doumbouya ascends power

    Brussels 06.09.2021 Colonel Mamady Doumbouya is regarded as the new leader in charge of Guinea after he headed a unit of elite soldiers seizing power on Sunday, September 5. Je

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  • Uganda welcomes Afghan refugees

    Brussels 27.08.2021 The first group of 51 refugees from Afghanistan has arrived in Uganda.The group landed at Entebbe International Airport aboard a private chartered flight on Wednesday morning, August 25,

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  • ZAMBIA: EU congratulates Hakainde Hichilema

    Brussels 16.08.2021 The European Union welcomes the announcement of results by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and congratulates President-elect Hakainde Hichilema. We look forward to working with the new President

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  • Ethiopia fighting causes France concern

    Brussels 02.08.2021 Brussels 02.08.2021 On 31 July 2021, the President of the Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, spoke with the Prime Minister of Sudan, Mr Abdalla Hamdok, and then with the

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  • Tigray: food as weapon of war

    Brussels 30.07.2021 “Trucks carrying food supplies that could save countless lives in Tigray are being prevented from moving, apparently deliberately. Increasingly hard to avoid conclusion that access to food is

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  • MALI: Goïta calls for urgent meeting

    29.07.2021 The National Transitional Council (CNT) will meet on Friday, July 30, 2021 in an extraordinary session in Bamako, Mali capital. Although this special session does not appear in the

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  • South Africa epic looting

    Brussels 13.07.2021 In South Africa’s most populous province of Gauteng, which includes the largest city, Johannesburg, at least six people had died, officials announced early on Tuesday, July 13. Another

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  • South Africa: 30 deaths among looters

    Brussels 13.07.2021 Protesters clashed with security forces in several areas of South Africa and looters ransacked shopping malls on Tuesday, July 30, as frustrations over poverty and inequality boiled over

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