• Chad: killings in N’Djamena

    At least two people were killed after security forces went to arrest Chad’s opposition candidate Yaya Dillo at his home on Sunday morning, February 28, Dillo and the government said.

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  • Niger elections protests

    The Republic of the Niger national electoral commission on Tuesday, February 23, declared ruling party candidate Mohamed Bazoum the winner of the February 21 runoff election with 55.75% of the

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  • DRC: Italy investigators head to Goma

    An investigation Italian Carabinieri unit is expected in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today, February 23, to establish the facts of the assassination of the Italian Ambassador Luca Attanasio.

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  • DRC: Italy Ambassador Assassination

    Brussels 22.02.2021 “With all the EU foreign ministers, we expressed our closeness to the minister Luigi di Maio and to Italy for the death of three people in DRC including

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  • France: knife attack in Pau

    A Sudanese asylum seeker who fatally stabbed an employee at a migrant reception centre in city of Pau in southern France on Friday, February 19, had no terrorist intentions, the

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  • Africa: EU provides €100M for vaccination

    “The EU continues to strengthen its partnership with the_African Union.Our actions speak for themselves: we provide €100M to @AfricaCDC to support vaccination campaigns. At global level EU doubling #COVAX contribution

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  • SAHEL: Chad to deploy thousand troops

    Chad will deploy some 1,000 troops in Sahel to the tri-border region of Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali to reinforce national armies that, backed by French and European allies, are

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  • SA: wine exports increase

    Over the past three months, exports of South African wine to China jumped 50%, according to the Wines of South Africa trade body, and hopes are high for even more

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  • Somalia power succession crisis deepens

    The Somalia opposition alliance said they would reject any attempt to extend the term of President Mohamed Abdullahi and stepped forward with a project of the election a transitional leader

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  • ICC: Uganda Ongwen-victim and villain

    04.02.2021 The Hague, The Netherlands: War crimes judges deliver their verdict in the case of Dominic Ongwen, a Ugandan child soldier turned top field commander in the Lord’s Resistance Army,

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