• Marrakesh: leaders sign Global Compact

    Speaking at the start of the UN conference in Marrakesh where  states gather to adopt the so-called Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the Secretary General Antonio Guterres promoted the

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  • EU-AU to meet in Brussels

    On the December 10 in Brussels the Council of Foreign Minister of the EU will discuss EU- African Union (AU) cooperation in view of the first inter-summit EU-AU ministerial meeting on 21-22

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  • Belgium Africa Museum metamorphose

    A new permanent exhibition of renovated African Museum is reflecting the image of modern Africa, focusing on present and future of the continent, taking a clear break from the concept

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  • African Museum “half-celebration”

    In spite of the €66 million investment into the renovation of the Africa Museum, and five years of intense reconstruction, for the representatives of Congolese diaspora the re-opening of a new

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  • Mukanda masks of Belgium African Museum

    Mukanda schools masks create a mysterious setting presenting an image of an ancient ritual  of boys passing to manhood. The re-opened African Museum, Belgium, exposes a collection of artifacts from different tribes*, accompanied by

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  • Belgium Africa Museum opening

    After five years of €66 million large-scale renovation Belgium Royal Museum of Central Africa opens its door on December 9th, under a new name, and with a new concept: it

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  • S.Africa ensures minimum wage

    South Africa’s new national minimum wage will take effect from January 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa said, ensuring workers earn $1.42 an hour.  “We are here to declare that from the

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  • Vietnam poachers killed more than 40 lions

    Eight Vietnamese suspects will appear before a South African court to face charges of illegal possession of game products including lion parts and a tiger’s carcass, police said. Police agents

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  • EU diplomats prepare for Global Compact for Migration

    “I believe there are two mistakes we must not make when discussing the global compacts” the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini said, while addressing the plenary session of the European Parliament

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  • Uganda delivered EU arms to South Sudan

    Uganda helped to deliver European arms and ammunition to South Sudan at the height of its civil war, circumventing a European Union arms embargo on the East African country, a

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