Al-Shabaab strikes in Mogadishu

A suicide car bombing and assault by Shabaab militants on two neighbouring restaurants in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu ended on the 15th of June, in the morning with 18 dead, a government spokesman said.

“The operation is over now and the gunmen were killed by the security forces,” said Mohamed Ahmed Arab, spokesman for Somalia’s security ministry.



L’UE sur l’attaque à Tombouctou

“Aujourd’hui encore, les forces de la paix ont été prises pour cible par ceux qui veulent semer la peur et la division. L’attaque perpétrée à Tombouctou, Mali, contre un camp de la MINUSMA et de la Force Barkhane est une attaque contre tous ceux qui s’engagent à ramener la paix et la stabilité dans le Nord Mali, dont la France, l’Union européenne et la communauté internationale à travers les Nations unies. Les responsables de cette attaque doivent être arrêtés et poursuivis en justice,” – a dit la Déclaration de la Haute Représentante Federica Mogherini sur l’attaque d’un camp de la MINUSMA au Mali.




“L’UE adresse ses vœux de prompt rétablissement aux victimes et à leurs familles, et réaffirme son plein soutien à la France et l’Opération Barkhane, ainsi qu’à la MINUSMA, indispensables partenaires pour le rétablissement de la paix au Mali.”

“Nous continuerons à travailler ensembles, aux côtés du Mali, pour permettre aux populations de vivre en sécurité et de lutter contre le terrorisme. Je porterai ce message d’unité et de détermination lors de ma visite à Bamako dans quelques jours.”


EU renews its support to Egypt

“The Christian Coptic community has been targeted once again in Egypt: dozens of worshippers travelling on a bus in Al Minya in Egypt have been killed today (26.05.2017). We share the pain of the families of the victims, to whom we send our condolences, and of the many wounded,” – says the statement of the European External Actions Service spokesperson.

“When religious communities are attacked, all religious communities, the whole human kind is attacked. The freedom of faith and the right to pray in safety are fundamental human rights and whoever violates these rights commits a crime against humanity,” – continues the EEAS statement.

“As European Union, we renew our support and commitment along the Egyptian authorities and the Egyptian people in the fight against terrorism and we expect those responsible must be brought to justice and held accountable.”


Taormina G7 reflects upon Africa

On the second day of the G7 Summit the leaders of powerful world economies met African heads of state in a debate devoted to problems of the continent, however the Italian presidency did not succeed in fixing the focus of Africa, while the Summit has been  overshadowed by counter terrorism and radicalization in wake of the Manchester attack, performed by a UK citizen from Libyan descent.

Italian presidency asked the leaders of Tunisia, Nigeria, Niger, Ethiopia and Kenya to take part in the in-depth debate on Africa in the morning session. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May did not attend the forum, leaving on Friday evening, 26.05.2017, to continue with activities in the aftermath of the Manchester attack.

Italy had insisted on Africa as the major focus of the annual G7 meeting, holding the discussions on the island of Sicily overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of migrants over the past four years crossing the Mediterranean pursuing their ‘European dream’.

The EU relocation scheme failed as the member-states are openly, like Hungary’s Prime minister Victor Orban,  or discreetly as the V4 group countries, resisting the idea of settling strangers from conflict zones, fearing criminality and jihadi infiltration.

After the assassination of the Colonel Gaddafi Lybia became noman’s land, dominated by multiple terroristic groups from Africa and Middle East. From Al Qaeda and Islamic State to Boko Haram and Al Shabaab, there is hardly any assembly of religious fanatics which is not represented on wast territories, disputed by local chiefs of 250 tribes. So far the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj has not been able to ensure security for the diplomats, operating from near-by countries, except for Italian Embassy, bombed in January this year (21.01.2017). As a failed state Libya functions as a broad open gate for the flows of migrants, eager to leave Africa for new life in Europe.

At the moment, according to the reported, leaked German newspaper Bilt , there are around seven million African migrants, aiming to cross Mediterranean for Italian shores.


Abedi’s brother arrested in Tripoli

The younger brother of the suicide bomber Salman Abedi who killed 22 people at a concert venue in Manchester has been arrested in Tripoli on suspicion of links with Islamic State, according to the  spokesman for a local counter-terrorism force.

The force, known as Rada, detained Hashem Abedi, who was born in 1997, on Tuesday evening 23.05.2017, spokesman Ahmed Bin Salem told Reuters.


Faki Mahamat au Parlement européen

La migration, le développement durable, la diplomatie économique ainsi que la jeunesse et les questions de coopération en matière de paix et de sécurité sur le continent devraient être parmi les points soulevés par l’ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères du Tchad, M. Faki Mahamat (illustration).

Plus tôt ce mois-ci, l’UE a proposé un partenariat renforcé avec l’Afrique en matière de paix et de sécurité ainsi que de création d’emplois pour les jeunes sur les deux continents. Le cinquième sommet UE-Afrique aura lieu à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, en novembre 2017, avec la jeunesse pour thème clé. Le sommet sera une opportunité unique pour les dirigeants africains et européens de remodeler et d’approfondir leurs relations.

President Macron to visit troops in Mali

Anne et Emmanuel

President of France Emmanuel Macron (pictured) will visit troops deployed abroad on 18-19th of May, in Mali, where he meets with the miliary engaged in Barkhane operation, according to Le Figaro newspaper sources.

France intervened in Mali in 2013 to defend the population from al Qaeda-linked militants who seized northern Mali the year before.

It has since deployed more than 4,000 soldiers, known as the Barkhane force, across the region to defeat Islamists, whose groups amount up to thousand.