Sudan opposition calls Al-Bashir to resign

Sudan largest opposition bloc along with the whole spectrum political groups for President Omar al-Bashir to resign, turning up the pressure on the longtime autocrat after two weeks of street protests.

Nidaa al-Sudan said in a statement that it urges Omar al-Bashir and his administration to step down to open a transition toward democracy.

Nidaa al-Sudan comprises the Umma party of former Prime Minister Sadeq al-Mahdi and rebel groups in the western Kordofan and Darfur regions, and the Blue Nile region south of Khartoum.

However the calls for resignation were met by fierce oppression demonstrators, although operating in restricted conditions, the reporters inform about use of firearms and numerous victims among unarmed civilians.

Taken into consideration severe constraints on reporting from Sudan because of Internet shutdown, silencing of social, media, and control of telephone services, reporters, and human rights defenders can only approximately estimate the number killed by the regime including while in custody. The toll is rising above hundred victims.

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