EU calls Sudanese for restraint

In the context of ongoing popular protest against the dire socio-economic situation in Sudan and worrying reports of growing numbers of casualties, it is important to show restraint and act within the law,” the statement of the spokesperson of the European External Action Service reads. (Image above: protests).

We expect the government of Sudan to respect the right of people to voice their concerns and respond to grievances. All law enforcement and security bodies should act under its direct control and in accordance with Sudan’s constitutional and international commitments“.

These matters will be raised under the European Union’s phased engagement with Sudan and also within the mandate of the Independent Expert on Human Rights.

Opposition voices propose a march on Sudanese presidential palace to demand the ouster of longtime autocrat Omar Bashir, in a potential escalation after days of protests that security forces met with violence in the capital Khartoum and cities across the country.

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