EU expects Madagascar elections to conclude peacefully

After the second round both candidates in Madagascar presidential election have claimed victory in the intense competition for power. The Malagasy people went to the polls on December 19 to elect the President. Both Ravalomanana and his rival Rajoelina ensured their supporters that they are the legitimate winners of the intense race.

Thanks to the commitment of all the institutions concerned, the vote was conducted in a calm and orderly manner.It is now the responsibility of all parties, and in particular of the two candidates, to continue this electoral process until the inauguration of the new President in a climate of calm and transparency”, European External Action (EEAS) Service spokesperson informed in a statement.

“In particular, each claim must be dealt with by the means provided for by law. In close coordination with its partners, and in particular in support of the initiatives of the High Representative of the African Union, the EU continues to monitor the situation closely and remains committed to supporting the democratic process” the statement concluded.

The preliminary statement of the EU Electoral Mission, led by  Cristian Preda, Member of the European Parliament, has been published.

The mission will remain in Madagascar until the end of the electoral process and will produce a final report proposing recommendations for the improvement of future electoral processes, in accordance with Madagascar‘s international commitments.

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