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EU observation mission to Zambia

Brussels 13.05.2021 As campaigning begins ahead of general elections on 12 August, the European Union reiterates the importance of its relationship with Zambia, which has been – since independence – a source of stability, humanitarian solidarity and regional leadership in southern Africa. The European Union welcomes the invitation by the Government of the Republic of Zambia to deploy an electoral observation mission in Zambia. We encourage and support credible, inclusive, transparent and peaceful elections. (Image above: European Parliament, Strasbourg, France).

Zambia has the opportunity to set a positive example in ensuring a level playing field for candidates, guaranteeing respect for freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. This includes ensuring a safe and calm atmosphere free from intimidation and violence, in which all citizens can participate fully in the democratic process as foreseen by the constitution. All stakeholders have their respective roles to play in achieving these conditions.

In this spirit, the European Union recalls the common values it shares with Zambia – freedom, democracy, the Rule of Law and the promotion and protection of human rights.

EU admits Buhari election ‘consistency’

Nigerians have re-elected President Muhammadu Buhari, as the announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission confirms. These results are consistent with independent civil society observations”, says the text of the statement attributed to a European External Actions Service (EEAS) spokesperson.

“Moreover, important lessons are to be learned, in particular ahead of the State elections next week. It is now the responsibility of all parties and candidates to strengthen democracy and unite the country.

“The EU Election Observation Mission will stay beyond the State elections and produce a final report with recommendations.”

The EU will continue to strengthen its partnership with Nigeria‘ – the statement concludes.

Election is not war, and should never be seen as a do-or-die affair. I pray that we all accept this democratic approach to elections, however contentious” wrote President-elect of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari in his Twitter micro blog.

EU expects Madagascar elections to conclude peacefully

After the second round both candidates in Madagascar presidential election have claimed victory in the intense competition for power. The Malagasy people went to the polls on December 19 to elect the President. Both Ravalomanana and his rival Rajoelina ensured their supporters that they are the legitimate winners of the intense race.

Thanks to the commitment of all the institutions concerned, the vote was conducted in a calm and orderly manner.It is now the responsibility of all parties, and in particular of the two candidates, to continue this electoral process until the inauguration of the new President in a climate of calm and transparency”, European External Action (EEAS) Service spokesperson informed in a statement.

“In particular, each claim must be dealt with by the means provided for by law. In close coordination with its partners, and in particular in support of the initiatives of the High Representative of the African Union, the EU continues to monitor the situation closely and remains committed to supporting the democratic process” the statement concluded.

The preliminary statement of the EU Electoral Mission, led by  Cristian Preda, Member of the European Parliament, has been published.

The mission will remain in Madagascar until the end of the electoral process and will produce a final report proposing recommendations for the improvement of future electoral processes, in accordance with Madagascar‘s international commitments.

EU diplomacy looking forward towards elections in Kenya

20.06.2017. Brussels. Today the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini met with Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Kenya.

The forthcoming general elections in Kenya on 8 August 2017 were discussed. Amina Mohamed welcomed the deployment of the EU Election Observation Mission to contribute to transparent, credible and peaceful elections, while the EU diplomat confirmed the bloc’s commitment to be a key partner of Kenya.

The EU diplomat recognised Kenya’s significant role in hosting refugees from Somalia and South Sudan and ensured that the EU will continue to support Kenya in this respect.

Mogherini underlined that Kenya is also playing a crucial role in the region in terms of peace and security. The EU will remain a staunch supporter of this work  including AMISOM, the African Union peace keeping force in Somalia, in full recognition that a stable and peaceful Somalia is crucial for the security of the region and in view of a sustainable solution to the refugee situation.

As regards economic integration within East Africa and trade cooperation with the EU, they touched upon the state of play of EU-East African Community Economic Partnership Agreement.

The EU looks forward to a reinforced partnership with Kenya after the conduct of the upcoming elections in August.