Nigeria: EU observation mission report

Brussels 27.02.2023 The holding of general elections on 25 February in Nigeria was a major undertaking representing a key opportunity for the consolidation of democracy. Despite a challenging context and operational failures, the Nigerian people demonstrated their commitment to democracy.

Following an invitation from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the EU deployed an Election Observation Mission (EOM) throughout the country, led by MEP Barry Andrews. The Mission has now published its preliminary statement and will remain in Nigeria until the end of the electoral period. It will then publish a final report and formulate recommendations with a view to contributing to the continuous deepening of Nigeria’s democracy.

The EU looks forward to the announcement of the results by the INEC, calling on all stakeholders to respect the process and remain peaceful and calm, while the INEC collates the results.

The main Nigerian opposition parties are calling for a rerun of the presidential election, insisting that the Saturday’s vote was marred by violence and rigging and that they’ve lost any confidence in electoral authorities.

Election observers reported widespread failings by the electoral commission and a long delay of the results, causing mistrust in the entire process.

While voting went undisturbed in some areas, several polling centers across the country opened hours late, and in some areas voting had still not occurred as of Tuesday. Violent attacks and voter intimidation also marred the polls in some areas and disenfranchised voters.

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