Washington: US-Africa Leaders Summit

Brussels 09.12.2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit Brings 50 African Voices to Washington, the VoA news reports.
The Biden administration wishes to use a gathering of 50 African delegations in Washington “to uplift and empower African institutions, citizens and nations” through discussions about challenges such as healthcare, democracy, governance, investment, development, climate change challenges and many others, a senior administration officials said Thursday, December 8.

Participants in next week’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit will spend three days in Washington D.C. discussing these challenges, the needs and hopes of Africans, representing one-fifth of the world’s population.

This year’s summit, which begins Tuesday, December 13 and will focus on “deepening and expanding the long term U.S.-Africa partnership and advancing our shared priorities, amplifying African voices to collaboratively meet this era’s defining challenges,” a senior administration official continued. Officials briefed reporters Thursday, December 8.

Another senior administration official said they will announce “major deliverables and initiatives” over the three-day-summit but declined to give details.

“This is also about defining a global agenda together,” the official underlined, “where there are opportunities where Africans should – will, must – sit at the table and help us work through some of the most difficult challenges in this consequential decade.”

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