SA: Lion’s industry in Africa

Brussels 09.12.2022 HSI Africa invites for an exclusive, free online screening of the new documentary film “Lions, Bones and Bullets”, which sheds light on South Africa’s controversial commercial captive lion industry and follows the wildlife trafficking trail to Laos and Viet Nam.

British author Richard Peirce talks to lion farmers and hunters in South Africa who are exporting lion bones to Southeast Asia for the traditional medicine trade, supplementing the tiger bones trade. Peirce uncovers the elaborate wildlife fraud of processing lion bones into “food products”, which could contain zoonotic diseases that can potentially lead to another pandemic.

The UK production company, Jagged Peak Films, is behind this new investigative film with producers Anton Leach, Jasmine Duthie and Richard Peirce. The film is narrated by British actor Peter Egan.

The online screening will be followed by a Live informative panel discussion moderated by independent investigative journalist Dr Don Pinnock.

Presented by Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, Humane Society International-Africa, and Blood Lions:

DATE: 15 December 2022
FILM SCREENING: 10:00 (GMT +2:00)

Email for more information.
Heure 15 déc. 2022 10:00 AM heure de Johannesburg

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