DRC-EU: Minister Loando Mboyo calls for peace

Brussels 09.12.2022 During his two days visit to the European Parliament the Minister of regional planning of the Democratic Republic of Congo M.Guy Loando Mboyo reiterated his call for establishing long lasting peace.
“First of all, what is going on now in my country – Democratic Republic of Congo – is unacceptable, – the Minister said. The Eastern part of our country is suffering from the influx of terrorists, killing people, and recently more then 300 people lost their lives. These atrocities were condemned in strongest terms by the President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, and the government of Congo.

“We need peace in our country, and as a Minister in charge of the managing of the land of the Democratic Republic of Congo, I raise the question how can we manage our land without peace?” the Minister continued.
“We need peace in this part of our country, and we need peace now.”
The M.Loando Mboyo has underlined that the European Parliament had adopted a Resolution on the situation in DRC, but he said “more efforts are needed”.

“As we are celebrating the approaching Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, we need peace to come to this part of the world, and we need a commitment from everybody”, the Minister continued.
M.Loando Mboyo has pointed to the efforts of the Congolese Presidency, and the government to take all necessary measures to end the conflict in Eastern province. They are following the political programme, but they need “solidarity of all the world”, as the Minister said, explaining that the Members of the European parliament are the valuable partners.

“The EU is the partner of the DRC: economic partner, political partner, strategic partner, and we need more commitment from the European Union to bring peace to this part of the DRC.
“We need peace. The population of the DRC needs peace. Only peace, because we have many things to do for the development of our country. That is what we are doing since the President has been elected”, the Minister reminded.
However he has repeatedly underlined that the situation in the Eastern part of the DRC demanded urgent attention, because it becomes a serious obstacle for the development goals.
“We need peace now” the Minister Loando Mboyo concluded.

The visit of the DRC Minister took place during the week, when the news broke that M23 rebel group was ready to withdraw from occupied territory in the east of the DRC and would support regional peace-making efforts despite not being represented in talks, it said in a statement on Tuesday, December 6.

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