EU supports Mali transition

“The European Union welcomes the appointment of the President of the Transition Mr. Bah N’daw, the Prime Minister Mr. Moctar Ouane, as well as the entry into office of a government paving the way for a civil transition in Mali for a period 18 months. The European Union welcomes the lifting of the sanctions adopted against Mali following the events of August 18, after several weeks of negotiations carried out with determination by the Economic Community of West African States”, reads the statement by High Representative Josep Borrell on the appointment of the President of the Transition and the new government.

“These conditions now being met, the European Union is ready to support the Transition on the one hand, to organize credible elections leading to the reestablishment of constitutional order, and on the other hand to carry out priority reforms to deal with structural challenges. and long term from Mali. This transition period constitutes an important window of opportunity to recreate a national pact around more accountable and more inclusive public institutions, as has been clearly expressed by the Malian people. As part of a demanding partnership, the European Union will be particularly attentive to concrete actions, particularly in the areas of governance, the fight against impunity, the fight against corruption, more efficient, more transparent and more accountable management. defense and security forces, as well as a more effective presence of State services in the most fragile regions for the benefit of the populations. The implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, as underlined by President N’daw in his inaugural address, remains an imperative”.

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