EU: Mali Ba N’Daou – man of “integrity”

Brussels 22.09.2020 The European Union reacted positively on appointment of the former Defence Minister Ba N’Daou,70, as an interim President of Mali. The member of government, and close ally of late President Traoré, he is seen as man of needed qualities to lead the transition period, phrased for his “independence” and “integrity”.

“The nomination of Mr.Ba N’Daou as an interim President is a big step forward. There will be 18 months transition period, this allows the organisation of the elections to return to Constitutional order. Appointed by the inclusive committee of 17 persons, this person is a retired colonel, well-known for his integrity and independence, meeting the requirements formulated by the ECOWAS for the transition period led by civilians. In the current fragile context the choice of the Prime Minister who should also be a civilian will be very important for the legitimacy of the transition period”, the EU diplomacy spokesperson said, while commenting on developments in Mali.

Former Defence Minister of late President Traoré, and a carreer military, Ba N’Daou is held in high esteem by his compatriots, known for his integrity, and high professionalism.
The National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP), led by Coloenl Assimi Goita, announced on September 21 that Ba N’Daou was appointed as President of the new transitional government for the period of 18 months.
Mali’s new head of state was born on August 23, 1950 in San in the Ségou region of Mali, ten years before Mali’s independence. After obtaining the baccalaureate, he was conscripted into the army on June 1, 1973 at the age of 23. As an excellent solider he was appointed by the Malian military authorities to take a helicopter pilot course in the USSR the following year.

The new leader of the transition is not a new public figure to Malians, known since he was l’aide-de-camp to the former president of Mali, the late General Moussa Traoré who died on September 15, 2020, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff of the national guard, director of military engineering, chief of defence cabinet at the prime minister’s office, director general of equipment for the armed forces, official in charge of the MDAC. A remarkable career crowned with designation and appointment.

Thus, in 2008, he was promoted to director of the national office for retired military veterans and victims of war (ONAC). An officer of the national order, he was decorated with the medal of military merit and that of national merit.

The young soldier nicknamed “The Great” he joined the all new air force. holds a higher military study certificate in France. He was also patented from the School of War (CID) in 1994. He was in the 7th promotion (1973 in the Combined Arms School (EMIA) of Koulikoro.

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