Mali on brink of conflict

Brussels 17.09.2020 Mali military commanders officially confirm that they are supporting a plan of the country led by a military man, without a further precision on the candidacy. However one can presume that traditionally this role can be attributed to the leader of the coup d’état on August 18, Colonel Assimi Goita (pictured).

Following the ECOWAS urgent meeting in Accra, the West African organisation, representing 15 countries, threatened Mali officers with a “total embargo” if power is not quickly handed over to a civilian transitional president and prime minister. In response the spokesperson has underlined that the option of a military-president remains open.

Reportedly this week Mali officers began the process of appointing these officials called to lead Mali during a transition that will bring civilians back to power, Colonel Ismaël Wagué, spokesperson for the National Committee for the Salvation of the People, told reporters.

“It keeps its options open as to the appointment of military figures, as it would like, or civilians, as ECOWAS demands, he added. “All options are on the table,” Colonel Wagué underlined.

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