Cheetahs confiscated in Somaliland

This cheetah family includes young adults and adorable cubs were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Confiscated in Somaliland, the cheetahs were being sold as exotic pets, their mothers no doubt killed by poachers. (Image: illustration)

Happily they all now live at Born Free Foundation rescue centre Ensessa Kotteh in Ethiopia and one day there is a hope some of them will be returned to the wild, but for time being the fund will help provide their food and care.

However the youngest because of their age do not know how to hunt so will need to be supported for the rest of their lives.

From the times of pharaohs of Ancient Egypt cheetahs were used as noble hunting animals by African rulers, unfortunately in the XXI century they become must-have luxury accessories for rich young Arabs to flaunt alongside diamonds and sports cars.

Poached animals often die in transit because they are transported by criminals who show no regard for their welfare. According to charity the Cheetah Conservation Fund, only one in six cubs survive being trafficked.

More than 7,100 cheetahs survive in the wild and the CCF says at least 300 animals are sold each year on the ­illegal exotic pet black market.





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