EU echoes “disappointment” over South Sudan violence

“The European Union echoes the concern and disappointment expressed  by the Chairperson of IGAD Council of Ministers over the violations of the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access signed on 21 December by the Parties to the conflict in South Sudan” – says the European External Action Service spokesperson statement on the situation in South Sudan.

“All parties should respect their commitment to the cessation of hostilities. All forms of fighting have to come to an immediate end. The European Union calls on the monitoring mechanism for an immediate an throughout investigation with the support of UN mission to identify those responsible for the violations.”

“The European Union will continue to support IGAD and African Union efforts to bring peace to South Sudan. It reaffirms it readiness to use any necessary tools, including restrictive measures, towards those who act against peace and obstruct constructive dialogue and compromise, in line with recent African Union and IGAD resolutions Peace and any other provisions of International Law” – the statement concludes.

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