Celebrating Africa Day 2023

Brussels 25.06.2023 Africa Day marks the founding in 1963 of the Organization of African Unity, which now known as the African Union providing an annual opportunity to reflect on the challenges and achievements of the Governments and peoples of Africa. This year’s celebration has particular significance as it marks the 50th anniversary of independence of several Francophone African states and Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation.

The independence movement that swept Africa five decades ago brought many new members to the United Nations, resulting in a new focus on the continent’s development needs and heightened emphasis on greater democracy in the management of international relations. By consistently reminding the international community of its responsibility to the most vulnerable, and affirming that we are all members of a global family of nations, Africa has helped to reshape the global agenda.

The EU’s partnership with Africa is a key priority for the Commission. As Europe’s closest neighbour, Africa not only shares a rich history with EU countries, but also common values and interests. Through the Africa-EU partnership, we engage in political and policy dialogues, and define our cooperative relationship with Africa.

The partnership strives to bring Africa and Europe closer together by strengthening economic cooperation and promoting sustainable development, with both continents co-existing in peace, security, democracy, prosperity, solidarity and human dignity. Against this backdrop, the two partners are determined to work together on a strategic, long-term footing to develop a shared vision for EU-Africa relations in a globalised world.

Today’s realities make this relationship all the more important. The ongoing COVID pandemic and the growing urgency of the climate crisis show how interdependent our two continents are, and why it is so important that both seize shared opportunities and tackle common challenges.

The Africa-EU Partnership is a multi-actor partnership guided by the EU and African Union (AU) Member States along with several non-state and civil society organisations, youth bodies, economic and social actors, and the private sector. The renewed partnership is grounded in an ongoing dialogue with the EU’s African partners that is taken forward at the 6th EU-AU Summit in Brussels in February 2022.

Africa is home to 1.3 billion people speaking 3,000 languages and living in 55 countries; it is the third largest continent in the world! Every year, on 25 May, world celebrated Africa Day, commemorating the independence of 18 countries in West and Sub-Saharan Africa in 1960.

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