EU: reduction of irregular migration

Brussels 10.02.2023 “The European Union will step up its action to prevent irregular departures and loss of life, to reduce pressure on EU borders and on reception capacities, to fight against smugglers and to increase returns. This will be done by intensifying cooperation with countries of origin and transit through mutually beneficial partnerships. All migratory routes should be covered, also with adequate resources” reads the text of the European Council conclusions, endorsed on February 9, 2023.

“Existing action plans for the Western Balkans and Central Mediterranean routes should be implemented. Action plans for the Atlantic, Western and Eastern Mediterranean routes should be presented by the Commission as a matter of priority, with a view to quickly alleviating the pressure on the Member States most affected and effectively preventing irregular arrivals.

“EU and Member States’ engagement with countries of origin and transit will be intensified in a coordinated manner, including through high- level contacts, with the objective of strengthening their capacity for border management, preventing irregular flows, breaking the business model of smugglers, including through strategic information campaigns, and increasing returns. To this end, the best possible use should be made of consultations in cooperation forums with third countries, as well as of funding under NDICI Global Europe and under other relevant instruments. The European Union will continue to support partners in addressing root causes of irregular migration and regarding safe, regular and orderly migration”.

“Cooperation with international organisations, notably the IOM and UNHCR, is to be further strengthened”.

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