DRC: EU extends restrictive measures

Brussels 08.12.2022 Democratic Republic of Congo: EU extends restrictive measures and adds eight more people to the list.
The Council decided today to add eight persons to the list of persons subject to restrictive measures due to the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The existing restrictive measures have been extended for a period of one year.

Among the eight people on the list are five members of different armed groups (M23, ADF, Codeco, FDLR and Mai-Mai Yakutumba), as well as a member of the Congolese army, a Congolese politician and a man of Belgian business. Most of them are responsible for committing serious human rights violations and abuses, as well as for sustaining the armed conflict in the DRC. Others have been listed on the grounds of inciting violence and instrumentalizing the conflict, engaging in the illicit exploitation and trade of natural resources.

A total of 17 people are now subject to EU restrictive measures, which have been extended until 12 December 2023 and consist of a ban on entering EU territory and an asset freeze. In addition, EU citizens and businesses are prohibited from making funds available to listed individuals.

Today’s decision is part of an integrated EU approach aimed at supporting the efforts of the DRC authorities to establish lasting peace and stabilize the eastern part of the country. It testifies to the active role that the EU plays in favor of the Great Lakes region, with a view to contributing to the fight against the root causes of insecurity and to transforming them into opportunities for the countries of the region and their populations.

The Council will continue to closely monitor the situation in the country and may consider further restrictive measures depending on the evolution of the situation.

The relevant legal acts, which contain the names of the listed persons, have been published in the Official Journal of the EU.

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