Burkina Faso: EU denounces power grab

Brussels 01.10.2022 “The European Union denounces the new coup in Burkina Faso, which jeopardises the efforts undertaken for several months, in particular by ECOWAS, to supervise the Transition” reads the Declaration of the High Representative Josep Borrell on the new “coup de force” (power grab).

“The European Union calls for compliance with the commitments made, which formed the basis of the agreement reached with ECOWAS on July 3, in order to support Burkina Faso towards free and transparent national elections before July 1, 2024”.

“The European Union also deplores the deterioration of the security and humanitarian situation in the country, and remains at the side of the people of Burkina Faso in these difficult times”.

Burkina’s Faso’s state television was interrupted on Friday by members of the country’s army declaring the previous coup’s leader Lt. Col. Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba, had been overthrown.

The spokesman said: “People of Burkina Faso, fellow citizens, since 24 January 2022, faced by the continually worsening security situation, we the officers and junior officers of the national armed forces were motivated to take action with the desire to protect the security and integrity of our territory.”

Colonel Damiba and his allies overthrew the democratically elected president in January this year but has failed to quell jihadist violence and frustration with his leadership has grown in recent months.

The spokesman introduced Capt. Ibrahim Traore as the new head state.

At present the whereabouts of Colonel Damiba are unknown. The situation remains confused and fluid.

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