SA: wine exports increase

Over the past three months, exports of South African wine to China jumped 50%, according to the Wines of South Africa trade body, and hopes are high for even more sales once Australian stocks are polished off during China’s Lunar New Year holiday.

For South African winemaker Vergenoegd Löw, the COVID-19 pandemic could have been a blow but a bitter trade war between China and Australia has thrown the 325-year-old estate a lifeline.

“South African wine now has great advantages over Australian wine because of the new tariff situation. South African wines are more innovative and beautiful.”- Lin Lulu, wine store owner in Beijing.

“Wine Estate, we asked if there was a way to control pests without harming the farm’s delicate ecosystem. Our enthusiastic flock of 1600 Indian Runner Ducks forage in our vineyards, dining on snails and keeping our farm pest free, naturally. #sustainable” – the tweet of Vergenoegd Löw reads.

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