EU agrees to help Mozambique

«The EU has been following closely the outbreak of violence in the northern Mozambique, recognising the severe humanitarian consequences, and the threats of the regional spill over.
The government of Mozambique and EU have open policy dialogue with humanitarian needs, human rights developments, and security issues. In Cabo Delgado we already to support the government of Mozambique, and we will discuss the concrete options in the upcoming political and policy dialogue» the European External Action service spokesperson said.

The top of the EU diplomacy Josep Borrell has spoken about Mozambique with the EU Foregin ministers at the Council meeting, drawing their attention to the request for help of the Mozambique government, and the EU is ready to provide this help.

«We confirm that the vice-President has replied to the letter from the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Mozambique», the spokesperson continued, adding that the answer was handed by the EU Ambassador on the October 9, however she declined to quote the content of this letter.


«The EU will encourage and support an integrated approach, dealing with the violence in Cabo Delgado, taking into account the humanitarian, developmental and security aspects», adding that it should be implemented in compliance with the international standards and rule of law”, the spokesperson has underlined.

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  1. The EU gave a positive response to the southeast African nation s request for assistance, Ambassador Antonio Sanchez-Benedito Gaspar said in an Oct. 9 statement. Mozambique had asked for help with logistics, training and humanitarian aid in September, he said.


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