Kenyan aims at WTO top job

Kenya’s candidate to become the next Director-General of the World Trade Organisation pledged on September 23 to integrate climate change issues into the WTO agenda if selected.

“Honoured to be selected to advance to the next round in the selection process to appoint the next WT Director General! I would like to thank all the WTO Members who entrusted me with their support. I will continue to engage with Members ahead of the next rounds” Ms.Mohamed wrote on her micro blog Twitter.

Amina Mohamed, who is the Kenya’s sports minister, progressed to the second round of selection to become the next director-general of the WTO, along with four other candidates, on September 25.

“How is it possible that the WTO does not discuss climate change?… WTO must be a part of the global conversation on climate change,” Ms.Mohamed said to an online media briefing from Geneva.

Mohamed, who was involved in the development of green financial instruments when she was the deputy head of the U.N. agency for the environment (UNEP), said she would make the WTO’s trade and environment committee active.

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