Tigray region counts ballots

Tigray region held regional elections on September 9, in spite of protests of the federal government and increasing political tensions in Ethiopia.

While Prime Minister Abiy has ruled out military intervention, there are fears that any punitive measures by the federal government could further escalate tensions.

The Tigray defiance of the federal government is the latest challenge to the administration of Nobel Peace Price winner Abiy, who is struggling to hold together a federation that assembles Ethiopia’s more than 80 ethnic groups.

The regional officials, holding polls for the 190-seat Tigray parliament, warned that any intervention by the federal government would amount to a “declaration of war”.

They objected to the postponement of the national and regional elections, originally scheduled for August, explained by the coronavirus pandemic and the extension of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s time in office.

The local sources said results will be announced by September 13.

On, Ethiopia’s upper house of parliament, which mediates constitutional disputes, ruled that the polls for regional parliaments and other positions were unconstitutional, announcing the assessment on September 5, which did not stop Tigray region to continue with election timetable.

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  1. Tenbite Yonas says:

    Tigray people’s collective stance to conduct the regional election on constitutional time against the wishes of the governing party with a vested interest of prolonging it’s term should be lauded. It is the first step in generating true political diversity in a country that has been dominated by the central government which was bent to use every method at enforcing it’s will. Foreign pressure groups should recognize this unique opportunity it presents and should focus towards urging the federal government to keep it’s promise by opening the political space and granting true autonomy to regions as per the Constitution. Releasing all political prisoners and an all inclusive dialogue should be the first step in the right direction.

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  2. Releasing Tigray political prisoner is fundamental for democracy edifice construction. Freedom is a key element of harmonious society. Strange that some do not understand it.


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