Cameroon explosion amid celebrations

Detonation of explosives triggered panic at ceremony in Bamenda, English-speaking town North-West of Cameroon. Suspicions focused on separatists who had vowed to disrupt events, so far ten wounded have been reported. (Image: social media).

At least ten people were injured on March 8 in Bamenda, during an explosion during the International Women’s Rights Day parade, local media reports.

Half of the people affected are security agents who ensured public order during the parade in the center of the city.

According to the same sources, the remotely operated explosive device was placed on the scene the previous night presumably by independence activists from the English-speaking regions.

According to social media one person was killed by the explosion: the other unconfirmed reports say one person has died from wounds, and eight received life threatening injuries.

A few hours earlier, two simultaneous attacks, still attributed to separatists, had taken place overnight at the gendarmerie brigade and at the police station in the town of Galim (West) bordering the North West. There police officers, two female gendarmes and a civilian in police custody were injured, some social media sources claim claim that some of the wounded died later.

According to a security official on duty in the city, around twenty heavily armed attackers arrived on motorcycles after having succeeded in paralyzing the electricity supply line. After their crime, they took over the direction of the North West region with several weapons and ammunition, local media reports.

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