Ms.Dos Santos witness found dead

A banker (pictured) implicated in the embezzlement and money-laundering case against Isabel dos Santos, daugther of late President of Angola, has been found dead in Lisbon.
Mr Da Cunha was found dead at one of his properties in Lisbon. A police source told Portuguese media that “everything points to suicide”.

Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha (45), managed the account of oil firm Sonangol, formerly chaired by Ms Dos Santos, at the small Portuguese lender EuroBic.Portuguese media reports refering to their own sources in police, that the investigation considers there three scenarios at the moment: that of a suicide attempt, but also a simulation of a suicide attempt or even an attempted murder.

The bankers death was reported on January 23, it happened shorty after prosecutors office in Luanda attributed him a status of a “suspect”. Along with Mr.Ribeiro da Cunha, they have named five other people as suspects in the same case, and urged them to return to Angola.

Ms Dos Santos denies alleged corruption, insisting it is a politically motivated witch-hunt. In her statement Ms Dos Santos denied the allegations, describing them as a “very concentrated, orchestrated and well-co-ordinated political attack, ahead of elections in Angola next year”.
“It is an attempt to neutralise me and to discredit the legacy of President dos Santos and his family. No-one should be taken in by these diversionary tactics,” she said.

Recently international media reported on more than 700,000 leaked documents about Ms.Dos Santos business empire.
The documents showed how she got access to lucrative land, oil, diamond and telecoms deals when her father was President of Angola. At present her fortune is estimated at $2.1 bn (£1.6bn) reflecting on her infromal title of “Africa’s richest woman”.

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