Critical year for South Sudan

The EU Council adopted conclusions, pointing out that 2018 is a critical year for securing peace in South Sudan, as the term of the transitional government of National Unity as set out in the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) comes to an end. While ARCSS remains the basis for the process, the discussions must reflect the reality on the ground.

The Council reaffirms the EU’s deep concern at the continued fighting and grave violations and abuses of human rights that have inflicted horrific levels of human suffering and left the country in ruins. In the conclusions, the EU urges all parties to the negotiations to put the future of the country and the needs of its people first. It also urges all parties to the conflict in South Sudan to immediately cease fighting and participate in the peace process in good faith.

The Council concludes that the EU remains ready to apply all appropriate measures to those obstructing the political process.

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