Kenya attempts to deport an opposition politician

Kenyan authorities have detained and are attempted to deport an opposition politician Miguna Miguna, who also holds Canadian nationality, in defiance of a court order letting him enter the country, his lawyer  said on Tuesday (27.03.2018).

A statement, the Immigration department issued on the occasion, said Miguna automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship when he received a Canadian passport, as the country does not allow dual citizenship.

“To enable Miguna regularise his citizenship status, the department has this morning dispatched the requisite application forms to the JKIA for [him] to fill [them]  for processing,” the department said on Tuesday (27.03.2018).

Miguna spent his night at the Airport departure lounge  after refusing to fly to Dubai.

Expulsion of Miguna Miguna was followed by many on TV, and raised a whirlwind of emotions.

Miguna Miguna has to reapply for the Kenyan citizenship relinquished in 1998, the immigration department now says.

The self-proclaimed NRM General was denied entry into Kenya after returning from Canada to where he was deported on February 6.


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