Dr.Mulder: “They will not wipe us out!”

Dr.Corné MULDER shares his views on challenges  South Africa faces today and in future. The signals, coming for the country leadership are contradictory, while promising his own people nationalisation of land and central bank in a Marxist-Leninist way, Cyril Ramaphosa, a new leader of African National Congress party,  calls for investments in South Africa from the platform of Davos World Economic Forum. The rampant crimes, incuding horrific murders of farmers, and rapes, happening in pace of a woman per 56 seconds, are creating a environment incomatabile with image of “Rainbow Nation” once proclaimed by Nelson Mandela. How far the situation will degrade?..

Conference on Africa challenges takes place in European Parliament Brussels.

Conference SA

One comment

  • He is correct! Nobody in the West has learned from History and the evilness of Lenninist Marxism. No outsiders interferes with venuzeula at the moment and it is safe to say no outsiders will interfere in south africa to prevent this idiology from utterly ruining the RSA. In fact when War breaks out, it is a pleasure to kill enemies like ANC, EFF, DA and the rest. Communist idiologies and political movements serves only crooks and the undeserving whilst the hardworking lawfull and deserving are murdered in the process. Bantus cannot run a country honestly with integrity at all. Worse is bantus with communist idiology comming to power. If you invest assets into south africa now, youre a moron who deserves losing all the money. I know I wont untill a white man becomes president of South Africa again.


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