#SA2018EU: Conference on South Africa challenges

The South Africa challenges is focus of a conference taking place in European Parliament on 30th of January 2018, hosted by MEP Janice Atkinson (UK).

Members of the European Parliament, of the ENF Mouvement (MENF) and their guests will discuss a range of issues the country’s leadership faces, including political, economic and financial, however the human rights remain the speakers major concern.

“These brutal killings, some encouraged by Marxist political leaders who want to nationalise the banks and mines and forcibly take control of the winelands and farms, are truly horrific” – Janice Atkinson said, after witnessing ‘Black Monday’ during her visit to South Africa, when farmers came together to protest against the brutal murder and torture on farmers, their families and their workers, both black and white.

“Yet no real statistics are kept by the government, numbers are disputed by the state against the victims. Rapes are off the scale – 41,000 in 2015/16.  What South Africa and the EU’s Sweden have in common is they are at the top of the league table as the rape capitals of the world” – Atkinson continued, sharing widespread fears of the degrading effects of the violent Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) advocating wholesale nationalisation, black empowerment by seizure of land and assets and violence against the whites and other minorities.

In case the violent Marxist impulses win hearts of electorate in the next elections, the South Africa descends into chaos in 2019 hitting hard agriculture, tourism, ecosystems of the coast, sea and  land conservation projects in the safari parcs.  Everything that the EU says it holds dear will descend into another Zimbabwe, but worse, Atkinson warns.

Guest speaker is Dr CORNE MULDER – chairperson of the Freedom Front Plus´ Constitutional Committee (South Africa), with participation of Nicolas BAY (France) MEP, Front National and ENF Co-President; Gerolf ANNEMANS (Belgium-Vlaanderen), MEP for Vlaams Belang and President of MENF.

The conference takes place on 30 January 17.00-19.00 in room PHS 7C 050, European Parliament, Brussels. The event will be lived streamed via MENF on Facebook, participation is also possible with comments and questions via Twitter hashtag: #SA2018EU.


Conference SA




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