Mnangagwa past casts shadow on Zimbabwe future

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s return has raised questions in Zimbabwe — he is alleged to have been behind some of Mugabe’s most ruthless policies and to many he represents the oppressive status quo.
Known as “The Crocodile” for his political cunning and longevity, he is accused of orchestrating the massacres in the 1980s, an allegation he denies.
He said in remarks on Wednesday that he was in “constant contact” with military officials during its operation to remove Mugabe, raising concerns that he could use the armed services to run a campaign of fear ahead of elections next year.
The main opposition MDC-T party, led by Morgan Tsvangirai, has called on the security services to return to an apolitical stance.
Reportedly Mugabe had spent a week negotiating his departure with the military since the country’s army seized control in the capital, Harare, and placed the leader under house arrest.
In a long, drawn-out process, military officials gave into the demands for immunity and allowed the president to keep several of his properties, before Mugabe stepped down.

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