EU “concerned” with events in Zimbabwe

The European Union is following the unfolding situation in Zimbabwe with concern. Despite the uncertainties surrounding current events, it is important to maintain respect for the rule of law and the fundamental rights of all citizens, says the statement of the European External Action Service (EEAS).

“A framework for a peaceful resolution which respects the constitutional order, and the founding principles of the African Union and Southern African Development Community, should be sought as a priority” continues the statement.

“The EU remains committed to support Zimbabwe in the preparation of credible elections and the delivery of political and economic reforms which can bring a more stable and prosperous future for all Zimbabweans” – concludes EEAS statement.

Robert Mugabe was still refusing to step down on Saturday, an official with direct knowledge of the ongoing negotiations between the President and the military told.
Mugabe was meeting Saturday with army chief General Constantino Chiwenga to discuss what happens next, the source told CNN. Chiwenga is pushing for Mugabe to step down and an interim president to take over, the source said.

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