Killing wolves: En Marche! to Middle Ages

Anna van Densky, OPINION.

The presidency of Emmanuel Macron has been ‘inaugurated’ in a Middle Ages tradition of killing ‘evil’ wolves. Difficult to imagine that it can happen in France of the 21 century, when progressive humanity is increasingly concerned by ecological catastrophe of destruction of ecosystems, and extinction of rare species.

The ‘licence to kill’ has been granted by Nicolas Hulot, the Minister of Ecological Transition (‘transition’ where to?..), and a magnificent young wolf was shot by a hunter in Savoy, as if French have no other entertainments in Digital Age then to retreat in Neanderthals pleasures depriving sensuous beings of life. It is still unclear why a new French government gave up to the darkest instincts of hunters, instead of implementing protection of endangered species programme in line with the EU Lisbon Treaty, directly supportive of animal welfare. The ‘collaterals’ of the killings of the such masterpieces of nature as wolves result in spotting the government’s image with blood stains of innocent victims.

Although less and less numerous in France, the hunters are still well-organized, and rich. Conscious of unfavorable public opinion,  they devote a great attention to lobby of their passion to kill, reaching the highest levels of power. This minority of less than 2% of the French dictates its law to the majority. The hunting lobby influence reaches the National Assembly and the Senate, where they are supported by 250 parliamentarians, continuing to vote in favor of hunting. 250 parliamentarians supporting just 2% of the French demonstrates the power of hunter’s lobby, and the flaws of the political system, acting in a total neglect of the opinion of the majority of French citizens, negative towards hunting as exercise in cruelty, incompatible  with modern ideas of nature conservation.

This week the killed young  wolf  joined the ‘cemetery’ of 38 corpses exterminated  in France under the levy quota for the period from July 2016 to 30 June 2017.
Cap Loup, a collective of associations for the protection of the wolf in France, had spoken out against this decision.

The Cap Loup is supported by the other animal protection associations. The Foundation of Brigitte Bardot was eloquent in reacting on the wolf killings.

“The wolf is a protected specie, but in France it is the scapegoat of all evils” – said Christophe Marie, representing Foundation Bardot. He lamented the disgrace of killings, and the prejudice against the wolves, caused by ignorance.  Recent statements of the mayor of Artigues is an  illustration of this approach, the politician accused a wolf of being a cause for the violent fires that currently ravage the south of France in Var province. “Even a legendary fairy-tale author Perrault would not try it!” – Marie ironises.

“The Brigitte Bardot Foundation finances methods of protecting herds which have proved their effectiveness, yet Nicolas Hulot refuses to receive us to talk about. The urgency is to stop this war against nature which is only victims and no winner, Nicolas Hulot has aroused hopes, since taking office, but causes only disappointment and despair” – Marie underlined.

Respectful of the Bardot Foundation initiative to protect herds against the wolves, one should keep in mind, that they are not ‘evil’ wolves, but hunters who on average kill 30 million species a year, according to French National office of hunting and wild fauna (ONCFS). Among them: 57 044 deers; 551 055 roe deers; 585 587 wild bores. What a massacre! Some stuck in Middle Ages in their minds…









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