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Tunisians against amnesty to corrupt


Thousands  marched through central Tunis in protest against a law that would grant amnesty to businessmen accused of corruption during autocratic Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali rule.

Critics of the Economic Reconciliation bill say it is a degradation of a high  expectations of  Tunisia’s 2011 revolution to oust Ben Ali but government officials say it is a method to engage with  business, convincing them to invest some of their ‘cold cash’ back into the economy.

The draft law allows businessmen to declare hidden funds and repay them. No exact figures provided for the amount of graft during Ben Ali times but based on past investigations, officials expect $3 billion could be returned under the law right from the start.

With flags and banners “No to forgiveness” and “Enough Corruption” five thousand people including the opposition party leaders and activists marched through the capital’s central Avenue Habib Bourguiba.