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Cape Town: Jürgen Dünhofen in Transitions art project

“Depicting leaps in our life from chaos to order, transitions started with observing the flow of chaos and order between zones of quietude and stressful, busy moments where big changes in our lives occurred.”

GROUND ART CAFFE 160 Strand street, Cape Town 8001 South Africa

A collaboration by Jürgen Dünhofen, Thurlo Adams & Adam Douglas

Moments of flux that accompany experiencing starkly different cultures, countless moves, acclimatizing to new environments and forming and nurturing new relationships – have been vital to the project Thurlo and Jürgen styles’ converse with each other as Adam‘s drone tracks mirror the fleeting emotions invoked in the drawings.

It’s been fascinating to watch the work develop, from a simple point of departure to a strong focus on portraiture emulating the theme. Adam Douglas is a musician, writer, photographer and educator living in Tokyo, Japan. He records under the names Kemek, Deeper Than Space and Dechirico, and previously collaborated with Jürgen Dünhofen on Drone Project 1.

Jürgen Dünhofen is an installation artist that works in various mediums. His work often focuses on mindfulness and perception. Transitions is the second project that he’s collaborated on. He is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Thurlo Adams is a visual artist and teacher who is currently based in Cape Town. He predominantly uses ink as his medium and focuses on detailed portraits. Transitions is his first collaborative project.

The exhibition runs from the 1st of November to the 5th of December 2018

Fragment: Jürgen Dünhofen


Fragment II

Jürgen Dünhofen ‘in solo’

Jürgen Dünhofen is a proud participant of  @KKNK2018,  the biggest Afrikaans cultural festival held in picturesque  streets of Oudtshoorn. The Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) which “turns the sleepy town into a colourful and chaotic melting pot of performance, theatre, sound and visual art” Cape Town Magazine claims.

Among  Jürgen Dünhofen  latest creations – the monumental fresco (see Tweet below) assembling precision of the Oriental calligraphy, and fluidity of the Western gestural; the power of American expressionism, and refinement of Proto-Renaissance masters. The spectacular outcome is the unique in its integrity Abstract piece, striking with its polyphony, accumulating melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic qualities. which can without doubt claim the status of South African state of art.

“A multi disciplinary Artist, I’m especially fond of installation art. Besides carving out a career as an artist I love to teach as well as explore nature”- Jürgen Dünhofen writes about himself in a few humble lines. Graduate from the University of Cape Town, he advances the endeavour of contemporary art with courage and ease, making him one of the most brilliant South African creators of his generation.

The #KKNK2018 took place from the 29th March to the 4th April 2018.

Images: social networks, courtesy of Jürgen Dünhofen

“I enjoy being close to my work being able to write phrases onto the paper. I also like the ability to show movement easily when standing so close to the piece” -explained Dünhofen to Africa Diplomatic.