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Danish investment in Africa

The European Commission and Denmark signed a transfer agreement for a voluntary contribution of around €10 million (DKK 75 million) to the EU External Investment Plan.


The European Investment Plan is a key tool of the Africa-Europe Alliance. Most of the contribution will go to the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD), the financing arm of the EU External Investment Plan. This is the largest single contribution to the Fund by an EU Member State.


A signing ceremony for the contribution took place at the margins of the Council of EU development ministers in Brussels.

“With this contribution, Denmark has given a ringing endorsement of the Commission’s ability to mobilise investment and maximise impact through the External Investment Plan. I am confident that our collective effort will bring the EU’s partnership with Africa to the next level we need for a successful Africa-Europe Alliance”, welcoming Denmark’s initiative, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, said, 

Russian sailors abducted in Cameroon

The whereabouts of three Russian citizens from the crew of the vessel attacked in the Gulf of Guinea, close to Cameroon port of Douala on August 15, remain unknown,  the Foreign Ministry announced. (Image above: illustration).

“Based on the incoming information, on August 15, near the port of Douala (the Republic of Cameroon), unknown perpetrators attacked a cargo vessel “Marmalaita” belonging to the Danish company Ultrabulk, navigating under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda. According to the recruiting agency Marlow Navigation Russia, located in St. Petersburg, the attackers kidnapped eight members of the crew, among them three citizens of the Russian Federation,” the ministry informed.

According to the Russian Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroonian officials and representatives of the ship-owner company are currently investigating the incident. Russian diplomats actively cooperate with the governmental bodies in Cameroon and ship-owners in order to ensure the release of Russian citizens, the ministry added.

On August 15 the AFP agency reported, citing a Cameroon’s Navy source, that unknown perpetrators had abducted sailors from a vessel near the port of Douala. According to the source, “the kidnappers are probably Nigerian pirates.”

Young Danes ruthless killing of swan in Italy

Three young Danes risk prison sentences or fines for animal cruelty after being accused of killing a swan in Italy.

The three boys, aged 16-17, killed a swan by hitting it with rocks during an educational school trip to Lake Garda, according to reports of broadcaster TV2.

“It was very violent and happened in front of a lot of people. So we want to make an example,” Francesco Milardo, a Carabinieri major in the town of Peschiera del Garda, said. Although the teenagers are now back in Denmark, it is expected that they will be contacted by Italian authorities.

According media reports the three boys were walking along the shore of the lake when they were confronted by the swan, which hissed and puffed its chest.

Witnesses said that the boys reacted with an astonishing cruelty by throwing stones at the animal, continuing to do so after it fled into nearby reeds, until eventually killing it.

A number of the witnesses subsequently informed police, who performed an autopsy on the animal at Verona’s animal hospital, writes Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Carabinieri declined to confirm which school the boys attend, citing restrictions on identifying minors in Italian law.

A youth court in Venice has reportedly been informed of the incident.

Denmark has its reputation for animal cruelty for yearly slaughter of black dolphins in waters of Faroe Islands.

The public slaughter of a young giraffe Marius, who was shot and dismembered in front of a zoo audience that included children, and fed to the zoo’s lions caused an international outcry.


Little Mermaid for banning Faroe whales massacre

The famous Little Mermaid sculpture was chosen as a messenger to protect Faroe whales from annual massacre.

A whale defender painted Little Mermaid red, symbolising blood of whales killed by Faroe Islands inhabitants,  to attract the attention to the issue in Denmark, and internationally.


The famous Little Mermaid statue became vandalised with paint and under the sculpture the message in English explained the intention of the act, reportedly the call for whale protection against the cruel practice: “Denmark defend the whales of the Faroe Islands.”



The whales hunting in the waters of Faroe Islands remains one of the most barbaric traditions in modern Europe in spite of the continues efforts of the lovers of nature and broader  pubic to ban it. Although the  Europeans are massively opposing the cruelty of the entertainment of stabbing whales to death in warm shallow waters off the Faroe, Danish authorities has done nothing to stop the mass murder of animals so far.


The issue of Faroe whales massacre is becoming increasingly sensitive across Europe, suffering from the barbarism of the jihad – another old tradition glorifying the murder.