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Hajar lion cub sudden death

An international animal charity says a month-old lion cub whose mother had been rescued from a defunct zoo in war-stricken Syria has died.

The Four Paws charity says Hajar, born a day after its mother Dana arrived at a wildlife refuge in Jordan, died on September, 8.

The group says that at some point Dana had stopped taking care of the cub. A veterinary team took the cub from its mother for medical care, but Hajar’s condition worsened in recent days.

Charity spokesman Martin Bauer says tests are being conducted to determine the cause of death.

Lioness Dana from Aleppo gave birth

Amman, 14.08.2017 – The rescue from the war-torn zoo in the “Magic World” amusement park close to Aleppo came just in time for a pregnant lioness. On Saturday 12 August, she gave birth to a healthy cub in her new species-appropriate home in Jordan. Only a few hours prior to this, the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS transferred the lioness and 12 other animals to Amman from Istanbul by passenger plane provided by Royal Jordanian. In the animal sanctuary “Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife”, about an hour away from the Jordanian capital, all thirteen animals were released from their transport cages for the first time since their rescue almost three weeks ago.

A new life is about to begin for the five lions, two tigers, two Asian black bears, two hyenas and two dogs. After a challenging rescue mission in Syria, which began in late July, and weeks of waiting in Turkey, FOUR PAWS was successful in bringing the former zoo animals to Jordan. Shortly upon arrival the pregnant lioness, Dana, went into labor. “The birth of the cub named Hajar is another little wonder. We really want to thank Royal Jordanian for pushing back the flight and waiting for all animals to be on board. Otherwise Dana would have given birth in a less appropriate environment which could have ended dramatically. The condition of the lioness and her cub is good considering the circumstances,” says FOUR PAWS veterinarian and head of the mission Dr Amir Khalil. An ultrasound, previously performed during her stopover in Turkey, showed that Dana was pregnant with two cubs. “Chances are little that the second cub will be born alive. It is important that Dana gets the medical attention and rest that she needs. We are already blessed to have not only saved thirteen animals from Syria but fourteen,” explains Dr Khalil.

FOUR PAWS to continue rescue from Aleppo

Turkey/Syria, 24 July 2017 – The first part of FOUR PAWS (UK) latest rescue mission was successful: the animals evacuated from a neglected zoo located in the crises region close to Aleppo arrived in their temporary home after a 24-hour road trip through Turkey. In an animal protection center in Karacabey near the city of Bursa, the veterinary team of the international animal welfare organization has started the medical examination of the nine wild animals.

Depending on the development of the condition of the traumatized and emaciated lions, tigers, bears and hyenas, the journey to their species-appropriate, final home will soon begin. Before this trip starts, the remaining inhabitants of the zoo in the “Magic World” amusement park in Syria are planned to be rescued.The trip to their species-appropriate, final home is not only dependent on the health development of the wild animals.

Firstly, FOUR PAWS is planning to rescue the remaining animals left behind at the zoo in the war-torn Syrian amusement park. “We are currently working hard with our partners to get the remaining animals out of the zoo. If everything goes well, they will reach the Syrian-Turkish border in the coming days. We are not giving up on the animals”, say Dr. Khalil. Once all rescued animals from the “Magic World” zoo are out of Syria, it will be decided where the journey will continue. “FOUR PAWS has some very good options with its own animal sanctuaries, including in Jordan, South Africa and the Netherlands. We will individually decide which place is most suitable for each animal. ”